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Garden Graces 1

I thought it would be a good idea to try to make a schedule for posting to you, my dear friends and readers. YIKES! You all that know me well, know that I am not at all a scheduler. I mean, I live by a sort-of schedule, only because I have to. Like I have to schedule to go to the Dr. (which I have done, since my recent unpleasantries with my intestines- it is scheduled for October 22.) And for going on vacation- well, thats a fine example of the f-l-e-x-i-b-l-e schedule I live by. 

Take today, for example. If there are two scheduled things in my life you can count on, they are the two things that almost always happen on Mondays. Laundry and Pizza. Monday is (and has been for as long as I can rememeber) laundry day.And Monday night isn't football night at our house. It is Pizza Night. That started when we started visiting my sister in Ohio in the summer. Their pizza place, Smokin' Joes (dont even ask) has a one-topping special on Monday, so they always have pizza on Monday night. So when we got home from their house that year, the kids still wanted pizza on Monday night. And so it began, and it just hasn't ended. Yay! I don't have to cook! 

But any other type of schedule scares me. I know it is because once I commit to something, fear causes me to think: did I make the right decision? Should I have waited? Now I have to do whatever it is that I promised I would do. So I just don't make that commitment, so I don't disappoint anyone. But mostly because I am afraid, and I don't want to disappoint myself. Or embarass myself. 

But here I am. If I don't commit, I won't do it. So I decided it would be a good place to start to post two times a week. That would work because I can really only write up an article or something worth reading that often. However, I am also planning to do a "daily" short devotional or verse of the day or something, too. And maybe once every week or two do a "feature" that is longer and more involved than either of the above. 

I also plan to post to my other side- the crafty, seamstress, cooker, household manager side once or twice a week as well. I hope to strike a balance and drive traffic over hear as well. 

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Back Again

I cant believe I did not post for the entire month of August. 

That was not the plan. 

But it is what happened. 

First, I appologize. 

There were reasons beyond my control. Sort of. I got really sick while on vacation. 

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Gotta Laugh, Cry or Cuss

Today has been one of those days.


I haven't had one of these in a long time. But, here it was, just when I least expected it. 

We are currently in our motor home, on our way to visit family in Ohio. Yes, currently. At 10:35 PM. In the ptich black, with at least 1/2 hour left to go before we get to our campground. Because, it has been one of those days. In fact, although it has not seemed like it, as I think about it now, it has been one of those weeks. I should have expected it, but it hit me abruptly tonight as I cleaned up the entire bottle of wine that exploded onto the floor as we were surging forward through stop and go traffic, in the rain and construction in Charlotte, NC. Oh, and there was an accident. We were not involved. Except for the one that was happening INSIDE the moho (motorhome). 

Let me start at the beginning.

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Nothing to Fear

This morning when I awoke, I went out on my balcony as is my custom to watch the sunrise.

I know. I am very blessed. I have a balcony over the pool. It is beautiful. And it is the perfect place to take in the sunrise. My little view of heaven.

As I was looking out today, a mockingbird was in the tree nearby just singing away. 

He (or she- I can't tell)  just sang and sang. 

I, as is also my custom, starting talking to God. 

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What's on your Nightstand? AKA Summer Reading List

I have often been asked, "what's on your nightstand?" 

At first, I didn't understand the question. 

"My vitamins, an alarm clock with an iphone dock, a basket to catch junk, my nose strips, a lamp...that pretty much sums it up."

But then I realized I was being asked, "What are you reading? and what is on the stack to read?"

Well, why didn't you just say so???

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