Just a quickie today, because I have so much to tell you all, but I have to take the time to write it all out in bite sized portions. However, my life is so full, up to the brim with wonder and amazement that I am so excited to share. But for now, I made the most delicious banana yummies the other day and I wanted to share the recipe with you so that the next time you have browning bananas that your kiddos won't eat, and you are tired of the wonderful, but same old banana bread, these bars will knock your socks off. And DO NOT make them without the frosting. They are just plain 'ole banana something without it. And I am telling you, you do not want to miss out on the most delicious frosting/glaze. It is wonderful. Like, take a bath in it wonderful. And fairly simple, too. One thing that I did differently, though. I did the brown butter just like she said, and then added the powdered sugar to the pan. I did not carefully measure the sugar. I just dumped in a couple of scoops, and then had to add a bit more milk than she did. And I used vanilla bean paste. If you don't have any, run now to the store to get some. It is amazing. I think HomeGoods usually has it for fairly cheap. That is where I got mine. And I also used vanilla bean powder, which is an item that is new to my skill set. I got it at Shoppe 561. Don't know about 561?? Well, it is my new favorite place to shop for unique hand crafted items by local artisans. And the proceeds go to Hope House, a place for victims of sex trafficking. So a win-win! Shoppe 561 is on the corner of Belvedere and Dixie, for you locals. Check out their website: http://www.shoppe561.com/

Back to the banana bars. I got the recipe off Pinterest, but to save you the trouble of finding it, I thought I would just link it up. So here you go:


Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did. In fact, my husband who is not a banana fan, said they were delicious. That the glaze was so delicious and just the right amount to make the banana flavor not the dominant but the browned butter balanced it all out. So coming from him, thats a compliment. I tried another banana recipe that he loved too. I will have to share that sometime. But for now, enjoy!