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2017 Year in Review

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In order to give you a summary of this year and since, as I look at the date of my last blog post, I am embarrassed that I haven't written anything since 2015, I think I better highlight several significant events that happened in 2016. Then, 2017 will make more sense- maybe. It is possible that none of this will make any sense. I am still trying to wrap my head around it all. 

 Sarah transitioned to Judah. This was a very difficult thing; probably it was the most difficult thing we have ever been through. But we all survived, with our relationships with each other in tact, and our relationship with God stronger and deeper than ever before.

Sam moved into a condo in Winter Park, Fl. It was a dump of a place, and we spent several months remodeling it with him/for him. Now it is beautiful and well worth all the effort, I think. At least we have a free place  to stay when we want to visit Mickey.

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Well, another milestone in the life of our family- #1 son is off to school. We spent the last week getting him ready, and then moving him to Orlando to attend Full Sail University persuing a degree in Recording Arts. So now we are down to a "normal size" family- 2 adults, and 2 kids. 


But I have to admit- I am feeling very lonely and meloncholy today. And a bit nostalgic as well. As I reflect back, I miss it. I miss the crazy, zany, hectic life of 5 kids and 2 adults eating, sleeping, playing, yelling, studying, and just living all in the same house. I miss the hugging, kissing, teasing, tickling and laughing. I miss the crying, screaming, yelling, hollering and messing up. It all went by too fast. Really, it was over in an instant. I didn't know it would be like this. It is all too quiet. Too peaceful. 


And in all this quiet reflection, I found myself nearly drown in a sea of regret and sadness. I was feeling guilty for so many mistakes. So many. Until. Until God brought to my mind the memories of all that I have learned. 

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Thankful Day 1

I know, I haven't written in a long time. A really, really long time. 


I have been disobedient. 


I have been disorganized.

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News Media Strikes Again

Well, the liberal news media, this time on NBC Nightly News has done it again. They are championing two families who have chosen to allow their young (5 year old) children to live as "transgender". If you want to see the story, go here:

It makes me very sad for a number of reasons. I have a hard time expressing why, because these are deeply held convictions that I have never had to articulate because I have never felt the need to. But I will try.


For one, this declaration confirms to me how pervasive our culture's child-centered parenting has become. This child is being not only allowed, but encouraged to exert and follow their desires, while the parents are relegating responsible parenting to the whim of the child, and following the advice of media-influenced psychologists instead of using time-tested logical parenting skills. 

But in this child-centered, media driven society, where the opinion of psychologists overrides common sense, this is what happens.

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My Apologies. Again

My writing, (along with everything else) took a big side step this past Christmas and entire holiday season and beyond. I also have had the flu :( So to you, my dear readers, I apologize. I ask you to forgive me, as I am still in process (ie. have yet to arrive, still muddling through, sometimes underneath it all) and I hope you still want to read the random ramblings of this crazy lady.


That being said, I must quickly give you an update on what has been happening to keep me so distracted and cause me to abandon you, my faithful tribe. Yep, you are my tribe. My encouragers. My soul sisters. And, by the way, thank you for always being there for me. Don’t know what I would do without you. 


So first of all, let me just say number one distraction: Christmas. 

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