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Gratefulness Revisited

I've been feeling a bit down the last few days. Nothing serious, just feeling under the weight of my children's choices, and hurting as a result. I know, I should be beyond the grief of it. And most of the time I am. But sometimes, I just forget. And I wander into the pit again and feel sad. 

And if I am not careful, I begin to try to figure it out again, and I end up looking at the pain, and the here and now, instead of looking at Him, and trusting He is doing what He needs to do.


This time, it was a result of a conversation, an email, and some facebook posts. 

And before I knew it, I found myself hurt, and under the weight of all of the mess again.


But today, thank God, He lifted my head above the water again, and allowed me to come up for a breath, When I did I was able to get my bearings and I could once again see. 


And what I saw truly made me catch my breath and gulp in the fresh air I so desperately needed.

Thank you, Jesus! 


Jesus Calling today said:

I love you regardless of how you are performing. 

I have clothed you in righteousness and this is an eternal transaction: 

Nothing and no one can reverse it. 


Now you may be wondering why this was such an amazing revelation for me.

Glad you asked. 


God lovingly, and simply reminded me that He's got this. 


He is working His plan, He's not late, and He's doing it.

He's doing it.

Knowing that His eternal perspective will always elude my grasp, I must quiet those voices that want me to worry and even process over and over and over, and just simply trust Him.


He is using ALL Things together for good....even our sinful choices, 

to bring about His purposes. For His Glory.

To change my heart,

my thinking,

my level of trust.


That doesn't mean I won't and don't hurt over it.

It does mean that I don't have to live there.

And that I can't heap gulit upon my children because I am hurting.


It does mean Trusting the Eternal One to make the right choices for me an my heart because He loves me.

Trusting that even in the darkness, 

He can see and lead the way.

And thanking Him with a grateful heart for it all.


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