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Happiness Revisited

We are hard-wired for happiness. And we seek it everywhere, and in everything. Especially us Americans. That is our life-choice. Our hearts desire.

Our Goal.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Right there in the Constitution. We are Entitled to It.

We are all the same, us Humans. We all want to be Happy. God created us that way.

So if we were created for happiness, then how come so many of us aren’t? And when we say we are happy, are we really, truly fulfilled? And when we are, why don’t we stay that way?

Because we seek Happiness everywhere and in everything Else. Except the One Place we can find it. God.

In the garden, Adam and Eve walked with God. Don’t you think that was pure bliss? Happiness beyond my imagination. And yet, it wasn't enough. Eve set her heart on the “one thing” she couldn't have. That fruit. Which would make her like God. And Adam? He too had a heart issue. 

God, in His great love created man. Then He gave that man a beautiful woman. And Adam was smitten. Head over heels. “Woo Hoo! God, when you put me to sleep, I expected something like me to emerge. But this?!? This is what I am talking about, God! Bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh! This is a WOMAN!! Best creation yet, God!! Thank you!” (my version) 

Problem was, Eve became his happiness. His god. And she had her heart set on a lie. A lie told to her by the enemy of her soul; the evil one, bent on hurting God in any way he could. She was sold a bag of goods. Made a promise that she would be like God, and be able to see as God sees. 

And that was exactly what God was trying to protect them from!!

Bless her heart, Eve wanted that fruit. Could almost taste it. She was tortured by it. And so all the beauty, the fellowship, the joy and bliss was tossed away for what she though she could possess, when in hind sight, she already had it all. 

And dear Adam, all he wanted was to make her happy. His happiness was all wrapped up in her. When he already had all that he wanted. Except a happy wife. Maybe he tried to talk her out of it. But I think he would have done anything for her. He adored her. He put her on a pedestal she didn't deserve. She held a place in his heart that should have been reserved for God alone. She became his happiness.

Fast forward 2000 plus years. And all we want to do is to get back in the garden. To find a "happy place". The garden of blissful happiness.

Because this hard road- this “undelightful place”- the relentless pain of This Journey- never ends. It is one thing after another, after another. 

I think: “If I could just get (insert whatever I am thinking would make me happy, like being out of physical pain, or having perfect kids, or time to myself or thousands of other things), I would be happy.” (Mind you, I don’t consciously think that. It happens automatically- my natural bent drives me and I don't even realize I am goal-setting AND setting myself up for perpetual disappointment.) 

Eve and I are not all that different. We seek the same thing. Something elusive. Just beyond our grasp. Even worse, sometimes I am cynical, and think that this is all there is and I will never be happy, so why not just do what I want to do and just enjoy what I can? 

The problem we have is the same old problem. We seek happiness, thinking it will fill us and make us “feel good”. We want fulfillment, and we seek it in the wrong place, or as in Adam’s case, the wrong person. We want it our way. Outside of God’s plan. It is so subtle that often we cannot even see the difference.

But the difference is idolatry.

Ouch. I am going to stop right here for right now. I need to go listen. Mull it over. Do some searching of my heart. More tomorrow. 

What are your thoughts on this? 

I would love to read them. Please leave them in the comment section below.

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