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What's My Line?

There was a TV show when I was a kid called, "What's My Line".

On it, the contestant tried to stump the panel of celebrities as they asked him or her about their line of work. Basically, the panel asked questions about what the contestant did as a job, and they only had a few questions each, and if the person could stump the panel, the contestant won.  It was a funny show, with even funnier jobs. 

I used to wonder what I was supposed to be when I grew up. Still do, sometimes. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever grow up. Thank God he is patient with me! 

But no matter what profession we choose, or what we do, we have a calling.

A High Calling. 

And that is: Thankfulness

You and I are called and commanded to be thankful. 

Sometimes it is easy. Most of the time it is not. 

1 Thes. 5:18 says: In every thing give thanks. For this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 

In Every Thing. 

Meaning ALL. 

Now some people argue that we cannot be thankful for all things. And to some extent I agree. There are so many horrific things- tragic circumstances in our world. But I submit to you that we can be thankful in the midst. Thankful that WE have someone to walk through the muck and the pain and heartache with. That WE have a future and a hope. That WE are a holy people, set apart by Christ's own blood. That HE carries us even when we cannot see. And if HE is author of all things, and I am my beloveds, and He is mine, then I can be thankful, not only that He has allowed this mess into my life, and that He is in it with me, and that He will use it for my good, BUT also that He saw fit, because He is in control of ALL of the circumstances of my life, to bring this into my life to do something in me that could be done no other way. 

Someone told me the other day that when Jesus purchased me with his blood by dying on the cross, He also purchased my sins. And that since he bought them, He can do with them whatever he chooses.


You mean He can use my sin for my good and His Glory?


And if He can do it with my sins, He can do it with yours, and those painful, sinful choices of our children.

So the question is: Will we let Him?

And even more: Will we be thankful to Him for it?

Not for the sin. It is what He died for. And it is what brings us great sorrow. Him too.

But we have to be thankful that He is bigger that it, He died for it, and He is using it to make us more like Him. I know I sound like a broken record, but when we get to where we can let it rest in His hands, and we can give Him thanks, for blessing us with the chance to learn to really trust, to have real hope, and walk beside Him on this difficult road, then we can find joy.

Our true Profession.

Being Thankful.

Whatever our job, our calling, or circumstance.

A Thankful-er. 

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